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Memories of an urban cat

A funny and moving novel, or how a cat sees life, life of cats of course, but also that of men with whom he lives. One piece sensitive speaking of friendship, love, sex, food, games, but also of the disease and of remembrance.

Only in french.

Story in brief

My name is Kochka. I am the storyteller, and if you speak or read Russian, you guessed I am a cat. When I entered this home, Mèo, who’s older than me, was already in. He took care of me and raised me. Mèo is a rebel, adventurous and sexually outlaw. Long and dark haired Néko came later. Little Mèo is our son, - mine - I should say. Néko and I are male cats, and each of us had a good time with good-looking Patsy when she spent a few days in our house. I was on duty daily, and at night he was, but I know I am the father.

Two humans also live in our home, Alain and Crocus, who brought me here about two years ago.
You shall as well meet other characters, playing secondary or main parts, other cats, doggy shaped soft toys, a real dog – hysterical French female mastiff – other men and women and a profusion of multi-coloured croquettes.

See the full description (press review, tv interview...): www.gravelet.net/memoires-chat-villes

Book Information

  • Published by Editions Poonaï
  • ISBN : 978-2-918192-00-8
  • Original format : Paperback